Attain Permanent Weight Loss with a Radical, yet Gentle New Approach

An exclusive program only for those who are fully committed to losing weight

What would it feel like to reach your weight loss goal…and STAY THERE? Perhaps you have struggled with being overweight your whole life, always searching for a natural and permanent weight loss solution. You’ve tried diet after diet. You may have lost a great deal of weight, only to have the pounds (and more) pack back on after you stop buying special foods.

You know in your heart that it is time to take control of your life and your body. But the effort to lose weight feels so heavy and difficult. You know you need something more than counting calories, points, or heart rate. You want to feel attractive and loved and you feel your fat is getting in the way. Or you are concerned that being overweight is costing you the next promotion or client for your business. Or you know that you can’t find affordable health insurance until you reach your goal weight.

You know that it’s time to invest in the right program.  You are committed and willing to do what it takes to truly transform your physical life.  And you want personal support and attention from someone who is equally committed to your deep and enduring change.

The Bellsai Weight Loss Private Program is a unique proven strategy delivered directly to you by an experienced and specialized coach. Because it is such a personalized program, there are a limited number of opportunities and only for those who are seriously committed to losing weight. 

The Permanent Weight Loss coach, Isabelle Johansen understands that a healthy life requires much more than counting calories.  That’s why there are no food restrictions with this unique program. Instead, you will work intensely with Isabelle to create dramatic shifts in your thinking, emotional triggers and behaviors that will lead you to effortless weight loss.

The Permanent Weight Loss Private Program is Transformational

The Bellsai Private Permanent Weight Loss Program is based on the proven and trusted Bellsai 12-week program. It provides the understanding and customization that you are looking for to help you effortlessly lose the weight you want to lose…AND keep it off!

Through 12 weeks of individualized coaching, you will: 

  • Learn new principles and skills so you transform your outlook on life
  • Apply this new mindset to your life challenges, moving away from food as a coping mechanism
  • Start to transform your lifestyle for permanent weight loss and health

During your individualized coaching sessions you will understand what prevents you, personally, from losing weight. With your experienced coach, you will unveil the triggers that cause you to overeat. During the 12 weeks, you will be able to discuss very real circumstances in your life and understand the power you have to change how you deal with them.

Your personal coach moves at YOUR pace, in a non-judgmental, supportive and understanding environment.

At the end of  the 12 weeks you will have a firm foundation that will allow you to transition to a group coaching call that will help you stay on track. Over the next three months, you will build on the transformation you have already accomplished to see your pounds continue to melt away.

About Bellsai - Isabelle's Story

My name is Isabelle Johansen. I am a graduate from Coach U, the leading coach training organization in the US.  I have been helping people just like you improve their health and lose weight since 2004.  I have coached individual clients and led weight management classes at the YMCA and other top Silicon Valley companies and organizations.

I talk from experience. I too struggled with my weight for a long time.  After years of ups and downs, gaining and losing weight and going through a really bad eating disorder, I feel that I have been through a lot and have done it all, or almost, in terms of diets and weight loss plans. The reality for me is that nothing worked on a consistent basis.  It was only when I felt a sincere desire to find a solution to this big challenge that I started to really try to understand what was going on. From this, I became more aware of my triggers to overeat. Understanding that my eating disorder was not about food but about what triggered me to act out using food, was a turning point. 

Through intense studying of self-development and with time, I finally got myself out of my eating disorder. What I should really say is: I succeeded in balancing my life in such a way that I no longer need to turn to food to cope. This experience also gave me a sense of purpose. I want to help and empower people to free themselves from their coping mechanisms by working on the triggers that lead them to need to cope.  The concepts and behaviors that got me out of my eating disorder are the basis of my BELLSAI strategy and programs. I have been running the 12 week weight loss program for more than 5 years and it truly transforms lives. I knew that a real lasting solution would bring peace and balance not more inner fight related to food.

During the first 12 weeks of the Bellsai Permanent Weight Loss Program I will help you reconnect with your needs, desires and who you truly are. We will work together to build an awareness of how you use food to cope with problems in your life and develop other healthier ways for you to deal with your life as it is right now.

What I find when I work with people on weight loss issues, is that the changes that they make impact every area of their lives. Their relationships, business and career success all improve.

 Working with Isabelle allowed me to change the conversation in my head surrounding eating, food, exercise, and so much more. Instead of being trapped, I am finally FREE to choose how I want to treat my body and myself.                                                Casey Dawes, Business Coach

What Can You Gain with the Bellsai Weight Loss Private Program?

When you invest in this program you will end the defeating cycle of weight loss and weight gain you have found with diet programs. You will be able to stop struggling and become free to lose the weight you want to lose…effortlessly.

Throughout the program you will:

  • Feel understood and supported
  • Become motivated and inspired to lose the weight you want…and truly believe that you can do it!
  • Take better care of yourself
  • Begin to think differently about your own personal triggers to overeating

By the end of the program you will:

  • Have lost weight
  • Develop new healthy coping skills
  • Discover new choices in your life and eating habits
  • Be reconnected to the messages your body sends you about what it really wants
  • Understand your own personal mind-body connection
  • Know the foundation of effortless permanent weight loss

Bellsai Weight Loss Private Program helps you lose the weight you want. You will gain control over your mind, your body and your life. Not only will your body be lighter, but so will everything else around you. The work you do in this program allows you to positively impact everything in your life.

Your weight will no longer prevent you from having the life you want to live.

How Does the Bellsai Weight Loss Private Program Work?

This intensive private coaching program includes:

  • A weekly one hour live private training session over the phone with Isabelle in person (for the first 12 weeks)
    • Learn new principles and new skills which will help you transform your outlook on life and what triggers you to act
    • Discover how to apply this new knowledge, allowing you to transform your lifestyle for permanent weight loss and health
  • A weekly live private one hour coaching session over the phone with Isabelle in person (for the first 12 weeks)
    • Understand and resolve the personal challenges that are affecting you right now
    • Discover solutions that don’t involve overeating with the help of your coach
  • Class workbook
    • Receive via email a complete workbook, with full notes on the training session subject after each weekly training
    • Access activities and exercises that will help you put into practice and reinforce the lesson, deepen your understanding of why you have issues with weight, and develop new positive habits
  • Unlimited support
    • Obtain personal advice and support via email
  • Grounding exercises:
    • Listen to recordings with exercises to help you relax, focus and visualize your goal for greater success
  • Group Support (last 12 weeks)
    • Continue your weight-loss success with 12 weekly facilitated Group Coaching calls with an enthusiastic group of graduates from the Bellsai program

This intensive six-month program with 24 hours of private coaching and 12 hours of group coaching will:

  • Make you naturally compelled to eat healthy without any frustration or struggle
  • Provide you with a unique strategy which will transform your life and relationship with food – FOREVER!
  • Make you lose weight in a more enjoyable way than anything you have tried before

Do You Want to Finally Feel Free and Happy?

The Bellsai Permanent Weight Loss Private Program is for you if you are ready to invest in a program that: 

  • Gives complete attention to your personal weight loss issues
  • Allows you to move forward at your own pace
  • Offers  coaching customized to your own individual needs and schedule
  • Provides emotional support and guidance
  • Holds you  accountable to successfully achieve your personalized plan
  • Is  complete and lead you to permanent weight loss…effortlessly

The cost for the full program is only $3,000 payable in four installments of $750 each.

This Incredible Program is Risk-Free!

If you decide within the first three weeks of the program that it is not for you, you will be refunded 100% of your first payment, and you have nothing more to pay. No questions asked.

Your investment of time, money and commitment in this program will finally give you the support you need to change your weight and physical appearance.  You will feel attractive and loved. Your new level of confidence will support your business and career goals. Ask yourself, what is a life free of weight struggle, frustration and worry really worth to you?

As medical professionals such as the Mayo Clinic will tell you, excess weight can cause serious health problems. Losing weight will prevent those problems and the doctor’s visits, high insurance rates and medications that come with poor health.

Still have questions?

I invite you to a free private coaching session with me. You will learn how the private coaching works, and I can answer your questions about your weight loss challenges and how this program can work for you. To schedule this call, simply click here.

The Bellsai Weight Loss Private Program is different from anything you have ever tried before. If you are ready to get off the yo-yo dieting road and try a new path to success, you owe yourself this investment in your health and happiness.



Isabelle Johansen
Life Coach, specialized in Eating Disorders and Weight Loss
Founder of Bellsai Mindful Weight Loss

P.S. As an added bonus, you will receive free of charge my eBook, Shape Your Mind to Shape Your Body when you sign up for the Bellsai Private Weight Loss Program.