Bellsai Graduate Program

This program is specifically designed for those who have completed one of the Bellsai Weight Loss courses or programs, and who want continued support until their goal is reached and stabilized.

The key to Success is Consistency.

You have invested energy, time and money in the 12 week Bellsai weight loss program. It is critical that you now maintain and continue the positive momentum this program has created, to ensure that you:

  • Reach and maintain your weight loss  goal
  • Feel more confident
  • Accept yourself and your body
  • No longer have frustrations related to food or your weight
  • Continue to develop a better health and shape
  • Stay happy and relaxed

An easy, convenient and affordable way to stay on track and remain consistent with your weight loss is to subscribe to the Bellsai Graduate Program, which offers you the support and tools to strengthen what you have already accomplished as well as realize your long term goal.

What is the Bellsai Graduate Program?

The Bellsai Graduate Program is a monthly subscription program that includes:

  • A weekly conference call, where you can share your successes and challenges, obtain valuable feedback from coach Isabelle, and get useful weight loss tips and ideas
  • Ability to participate in certain ongoing Bellsai programs for FREE, to reinforce what you have learned
  • Get your questions answered by Coach Isabelle in priority (ask Isabelle)

The price is only $ 50.00 per month.

The Weekly Graduate Call is every Monday at 5:00pm US Pacific Time

The subscription will automatically be renewed every month at the date of your registration. 

You can cancel the membership anytime, simply by sending an email to

To join the Bellsai Graduate program:


Graduate Plus: Add Private calls

If you feel that you have some “unfinished business” you still want to work on you have the option to keep talking to coach Isabelle on a regular basis. This will allow you to further strengthen the New You.

The following prices include the weekly Graduate conference call:

1 private session per month: $ 95/month
2  private sessions per month: $ 175/month

If you feel that you need more time or to get further options I invite you to check out my life coaching page.

You can terminate or change your program any time simply by sending an email notification to   


Isabelle Johansen
Life Coach, specialized in Eating Disorders and Weight Loss
Founder of Bellsai Mindful Weight Loss

P.S. Remember that although you have been successful losing weight up to now, the key is to maintain and stabilize your weight loss. My experience is that the support from the Bellsai graduate community and my guidance enable you to stay on track (or get back on track faster) through all the ups and downs of life.