Success stories: What Our Clients Say

  • Our Clients

    I no longer need to use food as a crutch. I lost my last 12 pounds and reached my goal weight.

    Linda G. Mountain View, CA

    Before Bellsai:

    Before the Bellsai program, I had lost 15 pounds on my own through exercise and diet.  But for more than a year, I hit a plateau; I just couldn’t lose any more weight.  Every Monday morning, I started another diet and by the weekend, I was frustrated.  I would binge throughout the weekend in preparation for the next diet.

    Hitting Rock Bottom: Finally, I knew I needed help and a new approach to get to the next level.  The traditional diets like Weight Watcher, Atkins and Jenny Craig just didn’t work for me.  My doctor was concerned about my weight and cautioned me about the difficulty to lose weight after menopause.  I needed to try something different.

    The Turning Point: At the time I started Bellsai, I was facing some significant life stresses (health, employment, and adolescent children).  Through the Bellsai program, I discovered that I was using food as a source of comfort during times of stress. 

    Before Bellsai, I frequently overate; I had lost touch with my body’s signals for hunger, fullness, and satisfaction.  With Bellsai approach, I became mindful of when, why, and what I was eating.  Over time, I’ve become more mindful of what my body needs for me to feel energetic and healthy.   My weight loss was a natural result of healthier eating. I began to lose weight over the course of the 12 week Bellsai program.  In fact, I continued to lose weight after the program’s end and even over the holidays.

    No More Self Sabotage:

    While my life continues to have challenges, I have learned how to accept them without sabotaging my health.  I no longer use food as a crutch and have maintained my weight loss.  I feel confident that with my new skills, I’ll continue to be successful for life.  Thank you Isabelle!

  • Our Clients

    Bellsai changed my attitude about food. I lost 2X my weight loss goal without feeling like I was on a diet: 20 pounds in 12 weeks.

    Cathy R. Mountain View, CA


    Before Bellsai: Before the Bellsai program, I was dissatisfied with my weight and how I looked and felt in my clothing.  I’ve never been successful dieting. It’s too restrictive and the focus on what I can’t eat makes me crave unhealthy foods even more.  Before Bellsai, I was already exercising and watching my diet, but I just couldn’t lose weight.  In fact, my weight kept creeping up one pound at a time.  I was worried about reaching menopause already overweight.

    Hitting Rock Bottom:

    Finally, I hit the same weight as when I was nine months pregnant.  I was distraught and couldn’t conceive of getting any heavier.  I needed to try something different because I was frustrated and angry with my lack of success.  I needed help and a new approach because I just couldn’t lose weight on my own.

    The Turning Point:

    When I started Bellsai, my goal was to lose 10 pounds.  Initially, I was skeptical because the approach is so radically different.  Frankly, I was confused, but intrigued by the Bellsai philosophy.

    As I put into practice a new way of thinking about food, as fuel for my body, I naturally gravitated to healthier eating.  I began to feel more energetic and mentally positive.  I was able to cope with situations that in the past would have sent me to the snack cupboard to alleviate my stress.  

    For me, the weight melted away and I surpassed my goal within the first 6 weeks.  By the end of the 12 week program, I had lost 20 pounds, effortlessly. 

    No More Weight Worries:

    I have maintained my weight loss for about one year and no longer worry about my weight because I’ve changed my lifestyle.  I now have a lot more energy and I am happy with how I look and feel.  Equally as important, I eat what makes me feel good and I never feel deprived.  I am extremely grateful to Bellsai and Isabelle for changing my life.

  • Our Clients

    I truly began to find life less stressful and to experience joy more fully; losing weight was a happy byproduct!

    Carol P. Mountain View, CA

    Before Bellsai:

    Prior to starting the Bellsai program, I was finding it difficult to lose weight.  I would get caught up in a cycle of dieting followed by overeating. Over the years I had dieted and lost weight, however over time I would put most of the weight back on.


    Hitting Rock Bottom:

    I was unhappy about my weight and my eating habits.  I often felt being overweight limited my self-confidence, choice of activities, and the image I put out to the world. I wanted to lose weight because I thought it would bring me more self-confidence.


    The Turning Point:

    I had read that the Bellsai approach was to teach greater mindfulness.  After years of dieting and trying to control my urge to overeat, I knew that the issues went beyond a diet or my daily habits.  I felt that this program would help me get to the bottom of the reasons that I overate in the first place.

    My goals were twofold. I did want to lose weight.  However, in addition,  I wanted to “make peace with food”.  I wanted to end the cycle of dieting, overeating, and feeling badly about myself.


    No More Weight Worries:

    I lost 12 pounds during the program and then 6 pounds afterwards.  I have continued to keep off the weight that I lost with the Bellsai program, for over two years.  I am now naturally committed to my health and fitness and make them a priority daily.

    By learning to recognize triggers and patterns in my thinking, I learned to stop using food as a coping mechanism.  I found that my food choices changed overtime without the need to force myself into a restrictive diet. I truly began to find life less stressful and to experience joy more fully; losing weight was a happy byproduct!

  • Our Clients

    I became more conscious of my incidental eating. I lost 30 pounds.

    Richard W. Menlo Park, CA

    Before Bellsai:

    Before I started the Bellsai program I felt self-conscious, because my wife and other people would comment that I had gained weight. I had tried to use will-power to eat less and lose weight without any success.


    Hitting Rock Bottom:

    I was alarmed because I had been steadily gaining weight and had been tagged as pre-diabetic at a medical checkup.


    The Turning Point:

    3 years ago, I got a notice about the Bellsai program at work. I wanted to lose the weight I had gained and improve my medical condition.

    I enjoyed the interaction with the Bellsai group during the program.  I learned many new things from the material (class notes, workbook, and activities).  There were no strict diets and no special foods.


    No More Weight Worries:

    I became more conscious of my incidental eating.  I lost 15 lbs during the 12 weeks of the Bellsai program and then 15lbs more while following the Bellsai graduate program reaching my initial goal. I am now 30 lbs lighter than I was 3 years ago and have kept the weight off!

  • Our Clients

    I lost 25lbs without effort and went beyond my weight loss goal!

    Jan T. Los Altos, CA

    Before Bellsai:

    My stressful business life, filled with travels and restaurant dinners, had led me to gain 15lbs over the last year. I had tried many times to go on a diet, and was able to lose 5 to 15 lbs, but always felt starved and deprived on each diet, so I always ended up falling back into my old unhealthy eating habits.


    Hitting Rock Bottom:

    When I hit 220lbs on the scale I realized I could not go on like this. Also my wife is in good shape so I decided to be healthy and fit for her and me. I wanted to find a different way to lose weight that wouldn’t be so frustrating and would give me more permanent results.



    The Turning Point:

    While following the Bellsai program, I started paying more attention to what I was putting into my body and got a better understanding of the impact of the food on my body and wellbeing.  This led me to naturally be drawn to healthier food choices. After a few weeks of eating healthier I realized with a big surprise that the foods I used to love were no longer that appealing. It felt like they had lost their edge, I didn’t need them anymore. I still eat some dark chocolate after my meals and was happy to learn that it is healthy! I started to truly enjoy eating fresh vegetables, more fish and less and less steaks and French fries or Pizza. I realized I was feeling heavy, sleepy with the latter as opposed to being full of energy and very focused in my work.

    My goal was to lose 15lbs without re-gaining them. After 12 weeks I ended up losing 25lbs, to my surprise! I am lighter, fitter and trimmer than I have ever been since my early twenties.


    No More Weight Worries:

    I have now maintained my weight loss for 1 ½ year and am no longer frustrated with food. I eat what pleases my taste buds and my body. I feel great about my body and love my new vibrant energy!

  • After 2 months of joining the YMCA and exercising diligently, I wasn't losing weight. Since exercise was going well, I needed to change my eating habits. The Bellsai Program helped me become more aware of what I ate, when and why. I came into the program with the goal of losing 6 lbs, and left 12 weeks later losing over 20 lbs instead: back to my high school weight! This program is truly worth the investment.

    Jennifer T. Mountain View, CA

  • Bellsai Mindful Weight Loss gives you the opportunity to change your thought process as it relates to food. It's not just about food control. It is most importantly about why you're choosing food to comfort you. It helps you set practical goals with support. It created a gentle way to relax and enjoy life around food.

    Elizabeth S. Menlo Park, CA

  • Working with Isabelle has been extremely helpful and insightful. Isabelle has always been very supportive through the process. She has made me feel that she was there for me. She never hesitated to tell me to call or send an email if I had a question or a struggle. Probably the most helpful part of working with Isabelle for me has been how she perceives situations. The way Isabelle thought about things and described them allowed me to see the issue in a different light - something clicked - and that would help me to change my thinking and then my behavior. Isabelle's positive energy, her joy at my success and her continued support have been a great influence on the achievement of my goal, -25lbs!

    Karen S. Menlo park, California
  • Participating in the Bellsai Program not only helped me lose weight, but it helped me address the issues (real or perceived) that led to my over-eating in the first place!

    Carol P. Mountain View, CA

  • Isabelle is a skilled and compassionate life coach. Her information, support and care will change how you feel about your relationship with yourself and food. Her insight will take you far beyond diet and weight loss. “The program was so excellent – the information far exceeded my expectations. It goes far beyond what any other ‘weight loss program’ provided – it gets into your soul!

    Pam G. Mountain View, CA
  • I have lost weight, but more importantly, started changing the way I approach perceived "challenges" in my life. The program helped address real issues in my life, or at least the way I perceive those issues! And [Isabelle] is an inspiration! I love all the info [she] imparts to us. I can't think of any aspect that I "disliked".

    L.V. Mountain View, CA
  • I love this class and I think it is one of the best things I have ever done. I have lost 10 pounds during the program!

    Julianne D. Mountain View, CA
  • I believe this has been an incredible, life changing experience. I loved the honest and direct approach. The one-on-one phone calls were of tremendous help in breaking down thoughts and processing the information. I talk about this program all the time in how it has helped me ground myself and be more aware.

    Vit D. Mountain View, CA
  • Bellsai changed my whole mindset about food and exercise. I am now more mindful about when, what, and why I eat and have naturally gravitated to healthier foods. For me, the weight loss process was effortless. I lost 20 pounds in 12 weeks without feeling like I was on a diet.

    Cathy R. Mountain View, CA
  • Isabelle’s natural weight loss approach enabled me to overcome the root causes of my overeating. I’ve learned how to cope with stress in a constructive, healthy way. I surpassed my 12 week weight loss goal and have continued to lose weight, even over holidays and vacations. I’ve lost about 12 pounds since the start of the program.

    Linda G. Mountain View, CA
  • I have learned so much! I became excited to focus on health, not weight - a new process for me. I've lost 14lbs during the program.

    T. G. Mountain View, CA
  • The personal coaching is wonderful - definitely an integral part of the program and a key to the success of it. I've known for a long time that I needed to address why I was overeating and this program helped me to figure it out. I feel much calmer about food and more in control of it - instead of it controlling me.

    Nancy L. Mountain View, CA
  • I now see food as it is - not as a solution for dealing with other parts of my life. I went to a party last weekend and I made really, smart food choices without feeling frustrated. I chose what I wanted, and it was the healthier option - I was proud. I didn't feel stuffed at the end of the party.

    Christine S. Menlo Park, CA
  • When I signed up for the program I went for the weight loss but what I got out of it was so much more than what I was expecting. I lost 10 pounds in 6 weeks, but now I just look at it as a side effect of a great program about self-awareness.

    Christine T. Sunnyvale, California
  • I've seen many more changes to my eating habits than I have with other programs.

    Kathryn S. Menlo Park ,CA
  • I think Isabelle's approach to weight loss is the only sensible way to go. The Bellsai program is about helping us break out of these very unhealthy cycles, regain awareness of our needs and what's driving our behavior. I really appreciate Isabelle's efforts in putting together this program, and she is a fantastically supportive coach.

    Nancy N. Menlo Park, CA
  • After starting the Bellsai program I feel like I'm a totally different person! I'm much more aware of what I want, what I feel, and how I react to situations. I feel less stress, and I'm happier.

    Carey P. Sunnyvale, CA
  • Bellsai program gave me more tools to help me lose then maintained my weight. I like the private coaching because it gave me insights and allowed breakthroughs.

    Louisa H. Sunnyvale, CA