The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss

What if you couldn't fail at losing weight?

What makes losing weight challenging to you?

Is it exercising regularly, eating healthy or falling off the wagon? 

No matter what your challenge is, The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss will help you achieve your weight loss goal!

This new, unique and holistic program will assist you choose an exercise routine you'll love and find the nutrition plan you'll enjoy. The last part of the program is weight loss coaching. It will help you cross the finish line! When you feel like giving up, or want to cope with food, your weight loss coach will guide you and give you the tools you need so you can follow through with your commitment to losing weight. 

By registering to our program, you will benefit from the perfect weight loss approach: the combination of the best of exercise, nutrition and weight loss coaching. 


The Secret to Permanent weight Loss - Program content:

Exercise: To actually enjoy shaping & toning your body and burning tones of calories! 

If you don't like to exercise, this is the perfect place to realize that things can change. You'll enjoy the full access to the beautiful Los Gatos Health and Fitness facility during the duration of the program. It includes access to all the fitness group classes, the wellness center and the pool. You will be able to talk to a fitness specialist that will help you adjust your exercise regimen as needed. More than just a gym, the Los Gatos Health and Fitness is a community of people like you that care for their health and strive to be in good shape! You'll take away the benefits associated with exercising and the camaraderie of both the staff and members. 

NutritionBecause eating healthy doesn't have to taste like dieting!

Dieting is so daunting for most weight loss seekers. However, with Lite for Life, eating healthy doesn't taste like "dieting". It's part of a lifestyle change that has to be enjoyable or we know that it won't be sustainable. With Deborah Yates, your Lite for Life counselor, you will create and adjust as needed, a meal plan appetizing to you, so you enjoy good foods and lose weight. You'll have one personalized nutrition meeting (15 minutes) every week for 12 weeks.

Weight Loss Coaching: Because sometimes we "fall off the wagon"!

Even with the perfect exercise routine and a delicious meal plan, you can fall off the wagon. Whether you are an emotional eater or just can't seem to be able to follow though with your commitment to do what it takes to lose weight, you will benefit from our weekly weight loss coaching sessions. Isabelle Johansen, your weight loss coach, will inspire you and give you invaluable techniques so you stay on track.  She will host weekly group meeting (60 to 90 minutes). There will be a lecture part and a group coaching part. You learn to become more resilient to life's challenges, less stressed out and more aware. This will allow you to naturally feel more in control of your behaviors and act with purpose rather than acting mindlessly. Following through with your exercise and meal plans will become natural and the weight loss effortless.


 The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss - Program details:

  • Where:  285 Main Street, Los Gatos 95030 - 408 354 5808 
  • When: Program starts on September 24th 2014
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Day and time of the weight loss coaching meetings: Saturday at 11:45am
  • Lite For Life meetings: scheduled individually
  • Fitness specialist session:  scheduled individually

The base price for this 12 week program is $ 2,570 per person but we decided to offer it for a fraction of this cost to the participants of our first group: 

Registration fee:

  Pay in full now only $ 795
 Pay in 3 installments of $ 265 for a total of $ 795      


If you are a Los Gatos Health and Fitness Member, you can register separately. 
- For Lite for Life please contact Deborah Yates
- For Bellsai Weight Loss Coaching, register below.

Registration for Bellsai Weight Loss Coaching only:

  Pay in full now only $ 300
 Pay in 3 installments of $ 100 for a total of $ 300


If you have any questions, please contact Deborah Yates,, (408) 354-5808 or Isabelle Johansen,, (650) 814-6512.


You have nothing to lose but your extra pounds!

Take a leap of faith to transform

your life and your waistline.

You owe it to yourself!