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Would you like to change your life? Perhaps your relationships don’t bring you joy. Or maybe you want to make a major change in your life, like a job change, and just don’t seem to be able to do it? Does it feel like you are stuck in the same old life day after day?

You may feel like it’s too much work to make a change. It’s easier to go along with the way things are. Maybe they will get better…but probably not. Happiness won’t magically appear. Relationships don’t change unless someone changes them. Your health will grow worse if you keep doing the same things you are doing right now.

But there is a way to have the life you want to live– by working with a Life Coach.

How Can a Life Coach Help You?

A Life Coach will help you find the inspiration and energy in yourself so you can move forward with your life. Working with your Life Coach, you will be able to: 

  • Identify what is holding you back from creating the life you desire
  • Develop your self esteem and self confidence
  • Build up and become consistent with new empowering habits that will allow you to reach your goals

During your life coaching sessions, you will expand your awareness of the underlying reasons that are preventing you from realizing the changes you desire.  This understanding will inspire you to make the concrete changes you have wanted to do, but not been able to until now. You become clear on what you intend to achieve as well as totally willing to do it. The change becomes effortless.

A life coach helps you stay accountable to your goals. I take that one step further. I help you reclaim your life’s purpose by building awareness of who you really are.

I feel like I'm a totally different person! I'm much more aware of what I want, what I feel, and how I react to situations. I feel less stress, and I'm happier.
Carey P., Sunnyvale, CA


About Life Coaching with Isabelle Johansen

My name is Isabelle Johansen. I am a graduate from Coach U, the leading coach training organization in the US.  I have been helping people just like you improve their life and wellbeing since 2004.  I have coached individual clients and led weight management classes at the YMCA and other top Silicon Valley companies and organizations.

My wellness and life coaching sessions are unique because you end up taking action without forcing yourself. My calling in life is to support people to live better, more meaningful, healthy and fulfilling lives.

What Can You Gain with Life Coaching?

Quite simply, you can gain the life you always wanted. More specifically, with my guidance and assistance, you will be able to:

  • Define your life goals and priorities
  • Transform your perspectives on your life by finding your own insights and get a sense of movement towards your goals
  • Create positive changes in your life

As a result, you will:

  • Feel more confident and optimistic, less anxious and fearful
  • Feel stronger, have more energy and new ideas
  • Take on more projects and complete them
  • See yourself grow as an individual, becoming more experienced, wiser and centered
  • See your life in a bigger picture
  • Feel fulfilled and happy

Isabelle has an incredible ability to help me identify and realize what is holding me back and how I am limiting myself.  From this realization, she helped me remove my blockages, freeing me from emotional baggage I have been carrying for years. This work is very powerful.
Jan, Los Altos


How Does Life Coaching Work?

Life and wellness coaching is designed to help you create the dramatic changes you desire. In order to be effective, we define together the format that will work best for you.

Depending on your situation, you will have between one and 3 coaching sessions per month. All coaching is done over the phone and scheduled at a time convenient for you, to ensure maximum benefit.

During our coaching calls, I will assist you:

  • Clarify your focus and create awareness of what you want to gain from the session
  • Expand your awareness and your understanding of your issues
  • Unearth insights so you realize what you genuinely want
  • Discover the power and the confidence in yourself to initiate, follow through and achieve your goals
  • Become accountable in a positive and nurturing way so you know at the deepest level how to achieve what you intend to do


I believe this has been an incredible, life changing experience. I loved the honest and direct approach.  The one-on-one phone calls were of tremendous help in breaking down thoughts and processing the information. It has helped me ground myself and be more aware.

Vit D., Mountain View, CA


Can you wait any longer to change your life? If you are ready to finally move your life forward in a powerful yet effortless manner, the time is right to contact Isabelle Johansen for a free life coaching session.

Once you decide to move forward with your life change, we ask that you commit to the program for three months. You can choose the number of monthly sessions that work best for you. Bellsai Life Coaching offers one, two or four calls per month formats. The prices vary according to the number of calls you choose: 

1 session a month: $150 /month
2 sessions a month: $270 /month
3 sessions a month: $385 /month
 Single, one time session: $175    


Family constellation session: $ 250


Are You Ready?

If you really want to:

  • Move your life forward
  • Change your bad habits and adopt new good ones
  • Improve your relationships
  • Find what you really want to do with your life
  • Have a sense of purpose
  • Feel more centered and self-confident
  • Feel fulfilled and happy

Then schedule your first free life coaching session with Isabelle Johansen, Founder of Bellsai Mindful Weight Loss today!

Life Coaching is different from anything you have tried before.  Let me help you become more aware of what’s holding you back so you can effortlessly create the changes you desire in your life.



Isabelle Johansen
Life Coach, specialized in Eating Disorders and Weight Loss
Founder of Bellsai Mindful Weight Loss

P .S. Remember, you get a free 30-minute phone consultation with a master coach just for making a phone call. There is no obligation.  Are you ready to profoundly change your life?  Make the appointment right now.