The Bellsai Food Journal:

Completed accurately and daily the Bellsai Food Journal will allow you to:

  • Identify some of your triggers to overeat:
    • You will be able to recognize in which circumstances you overeat (what you were doing at that time)
    • Who are the people who might trigger you to overeat
    • What kind of emotional state brings you to overeat
  • Become more aware of what you eat as well as the quantity of it
  • Overtime, keep track of your progress
  • Realize the level of your commitment to your goal: you might not be able to control what you eat all the time but can you commit to write it down? That is an important step.
  • Understand that each moment is a new moment: if you overate in the morning, it makes a real difference if you keep overeating all day or decide to get back on track: of course you will not gain as much weight, but most importantly, you will gain more confidence in your ability to control your eating behavior.
Living in RED stands for:
  • Rest  
  • Exercise
  • Drink 
Living in RED sets you up physically and emotionally to feel refreshed, centered and alert.
The only way you can fail at this is if you give up! So, stick to your work and you will be blown away by what you achieve!
Keep in mind that I am always here to answer your questions, via Ask Isabelle or Facebook.
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Isabelle Johansen
Life Coach, specialized in Eating Disorders and Weight Loss