Bellsai Solutions

Bellsai offers a number of products, programs and services:

Weight Loss Solutions

5 Keys to Successful Weight Loss  eCourse

Anyone can start with this free eCourse. This course introduces the key concepts on which the Bellsai philosophy is built.  Click here for more information.

Shape Your Mind To Shape Your Body eBook

To go deeper into how the Bellsai approach can transform your life, I have written this book, delivered in an electronic format. This book will make it clear to you why losing weight has been such a struggle, and then explains how you can lose weight permanently. Click here for more information.

Bellsai’s complete, mindful approach to weight loss is taught in the Bellsai 12 week program, which is available in a self study, group coaching and private format:

Bellsai Weight loss self help course

For those who are serious about taking control of their weight and health, I have created a new very affordable 12 week self study program.  Over the 12 week period you will receive via email a weekly lesson, a workbook and audio recording, that teach you the whole Bellsai approach, from understanding why overeating has been such a challenge, to putting in place new healthy and permanent lifestyle habits. This program gives you the flexibility to study at your own pace and place.  Click here for more information.

Bellsai Weight Loss Group Program

A very powerful way to lose weight is to work in a structured setting, with an experienced coach, and working with a supportive group that shares the same challenges as you. Over 12 weeks Isabelle will facilitate a group conference call, teaching all the key principles of the Bellsai program.  This program also includes private coaching to work specifically on your personal challenges. With this program you are ensured to transform your life over a 12 week period. Click here for more information.

Bellsai Weight Loss Private Program

This exclusive and intensive program is designed for those that want a highly efficient and personalized weight loss program, focused on fully overcoming all the obstacles that bar you from losing weight, living healthy and being happy. Over 12 weeks you will have two private calls with Isabelle, one focused on teaching the Bellsai program and the other dedicated to addressing your personal challenges and questions, all scheduled at the times most suited to your schedule and situation.  Click here for more information.

Bellsai Graduate Programs

Bellsai also offers programs specifically designed for those that have completed a Bellsai 12 week program, to ensure that they maintain and further develop the healthy habits they have adopted over 12 weeks. Click here for more information.


Life Coaching

Are you committed to truly transform your life? Are you facing challenges in your relationships or life situation that you need help to better handle?  Are you looking for more peace, joy and juice in your life. Then life coaching may be the right solution for you!  Click here to learn more.



Synergy of Mind and Movement is a unique program that combines movements that helps you relax and feel more centered with guided meditations.  If you are looking to increase your joy, calm and self-control, then this program may be right for you. Click here for more information