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Naihema asks: I am a 234lbs, 5ft. 8in. tall female, my BMI is 36,  I think im obese; thank you for helping me.


Naihema , I created Bellsai, for the purpose of helping people like you overcome their weight challenges. I assume that your weight has increased progressively over many years, and that you have probably tried several weight loss programs that ultimately did not work.

I am saying this for you to realize that overcoming your weight challenges will take some time an effort on your part. To help you along the way, I am offering you several free resources.  First, I see that you have registered for my 5 week eCourse. It's a good start to get an idea of the kind of programs I offer. My various programs complete each other. They all go to the core of the weight issue, which is where the key to your solution lies.  Another thing you can do is to register for my free Bellsai Boost weight loss program to get inspired to take care of yourself:

For those really committed to lose weight, I am starting a 12 week live coaching program, where I will guide and support you through the process of understanding, finding and overcoming your core weight loss challenges, and from there help you implement a new healthy lifestyle, that will make your weight loss enjoyable and free of struggle.  The program is intensive and therefore offers great results You will find the details by clicking here:

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Question:  I was doing great with losing weight. Then I fell off my beat back into old unhealthy eating ways. How do you get back after being out of it for three months?


Hello Angel, 

What a great question! I say this because so many people go through this experience: they follow a healthy diet for a while and at some point fall off the wagon. Two ideas are important to consider: 

- The first one is what made you get off track. Whatever that is, you need to identify it, understand why it affected you in such a way that you didn't want to deal with it and rather get some comfort through food, and finally get "some kind" of closure with it, otherwise it will probably destabilize you again in the future.

- The second one is that you are human and as such not perfect. "Falling off your beat" is not serious unless you believe it is. If you think: "I blew it! All this effort for nothing! I revert back to my old ways for a day or a week and now I put on 2 or 5 lbs", that self talk alone can totally bring you down and make you want to reach for more comfort meaning more food!! Indeed, instead of just dealing with what originally made you give up your diet, you add on guilt, shame and frustration from your self-talk! On the contrary, accepting that overeating episodes might happen, will help you get back on track faster. You needed comfort, you got it. That's ok. You did what you did because a part of you needed it. You need to accept that, because it is your reality today! This self-acceptance is key.

Overeating or eating unhealthy when you want to lose weight and be healthy is a signal. It shows you that something in your life bothers you or is not working for you. By taking care of the trigger, you take care of the overeating.
Good luck Angel!!


Question: I have no motivation to exercise


Melissa, from what I understand, you see your non motivation as a problem because it prevents you from exercising. My short answer is that it is not a problem because in my experience motivation is not the key that will enable you to exercise on a consistent basis. Why? Because motivation is no more than a mindset, a thought. As you know thoughts come and go. How can you be consistent if what you rely on is not consistent?

Let's explore how you can become consistent with exercise? 

I think that you need first to be clear with the fact that you do not have to exercise. And this is why you can get by without doing it. Now, if you tell yourself "I have to"..., you put pressure onto yourself. How do you like having to do stuff versus, having an opportunity to do something? I suggest that you look at this topic differently so you realize that you're having the opportunity to move your body; maybe even be grateful for the fact that you can move around!

I think the real key to be consistent with exercise is whether you enjoy what you choose to do or not.  So my question for you is: what kind of physical activity do you like? Exercising doesn't mean that you have to go to the gym. It can be going dancing with friends, or taking the dog for long walks or bilking to work? 

Maybe becoming consistent with exercise means that you try a different gym, or ask a friend to join you. It may also be finding that fitness instructor that makes exercise fun. 

I know many people who after 40 years or more started exercising in one of these ways. It just takes a little commitment from you to find out what's right for you! 

Good luck :)



 Question :  I can never stick with a weight loss plan for very long. What can I do?


Story of my life... a few years back!

This is why I created Bellsai. Diets usually don't work to lose weight. Not because they're not efficient but because most people can't follow them consistently. Therefore I think that the big question is: what can help you stick to your weight loss plan?

This means first exploring what gets you off track: do you find yourself overeating? Reaching for high calorie dense processed foods? Or are you just disorganized and end up starving yourself and then eating a bit too much? The latter is easy to fix. I'll be happy to help you if this is your case. But for most of the people I meet the issue is their compulsion to overeat. If it's your case, you'll need to go to the second level of your exploration and ask yourself what triggers you to act out. A great tool to explore this aspect is my food journal: You'll get great insights into what is more at the root of your weight issue.

I've looked at this aspect of weight loss problems from many angles and it seems clear to me that there's no quick fix such as a diet. If you use food to feel better and cope, you won't be able to sustain any healthy diets. Overcoming overeating requires some personal work but it is extremely rewarding: not only do you lose your extra weight; you also really grow as an individual. Suddenly, life becomes easier, better and more enjoyable. This process is really life transforming.

Good luck!


Question: I can never stick with a weight loss plan for very long. What can I do?


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