The Bellsai Story

About Bellsai

Bellsai Mindful Weight Loss is a natural weight loss approach that empowers you to make mindful choices that lead to complete health, weight loss, and wellbeing.

Bellsai, based in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, was founded in 2004 by Isabelle Johansen.

Our unique and complete 12 week Mindful Weight Loss Program explores both physical and psychological aspects of overeating in a structured and empowering way. The result is natural weight loss without struggle and frustration, greater peace and wellbeing.  This program is available as a self study program, a group coaching program, and in an individual customized format.

To get started, we recommend our Shape your Mind to Shape your Body program which helps you understand the underlying causes of your overeating challenges.  It will empower you to change and create a solid foundation for successful weight loss.

Bellsai also offers individual life coaching, and the Synergy of Mind and Movement meditation program.

About Isabelle Johansen

I am Isabelle Johansen, the creator of Bellsai Mindful Weight Loss.  I am French, originally from Paris. In 2001, I moved to the Silicon Valley, California with my husband and 3 young children.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s degree in Finance, and had a first successful career as a health insurance broker in Paris.

Despite my background, what I really love is coaching which I have found to be my true calling. I am intuitive and naturally establish a trusting relationship with my clients.  This enables me to guide them effectively so they redesign their life and feel empowered to transform it in the way they really want. 

I have specialized in helping people losing weight through life coaching, which makes weight loss effortless. I have developed several weight loss products and programs which are radically different from the mainstream weight loss market offerings and which have shown amazing results. I also offer corporate weight loss programs, seminars and workshops.

I am a graduate of Coach U, the leading global provider of coach training programs and certifications.  I am currently in a 3 year personal growth and awakening mentor program with Richard Moss.


I am a passionate and high energy person. I love balancing the commitments of coaching, physical activities, meditation and my wonderful family.  I commit fully to all the activities that I do.

I teach fitness classes: Pilates, step aerobics, cycling and body pump.

I also enjoy teaching and practicing Karate (2nd degree black belt), both American Kenpo and Shaolin Kenpo.  

Meditation has been a key element in my life. It helps me center myself and is an amazing source of inspiration. I teach meditation principles and techniques to allow people to feel more in control of their life and change bad habits.

Meditating allows me to be aware, centered and joyful in my life and in all my relationships.


The Story of Bellsai

I struggled with my weight for a long time. I had to look skinny in order to really like and accept my body. After years of ups and downs, gaining and losing weight and going through a really bad eating disorder, I feel that I have been through a lot and have done it all, or almost, in terms of diets and weight loss plans. The reality for me is that nothing worked on a consistent basis.

It was only when I felt a sincere desire to find a solution to this big challenge that I started to really try to understand what was going on. From this, I became more aware of my triggers to overeat. I realized that I was on autopilot. I wanted to be balance and at peace with food but the truth is that I couldn’t. Some people or situations would virtually push my buttons which would inevitably drive me to overeat. I felt absolutely overcome by the need to turn to food.

Understanding that my eating disorder was not about food but about what triggered me to act out using food was a turning point.  I realized that only I had the power to save myself. And that made sense to me because no solution that I sought outside of myself helped me. Also, it was me doing it all. Nobody ever stuffed anything in my mouth.  This challenge actually gave me the opportunity to do a lot of work on myself and to grow personally.

Through intense studying of self-development and with time, I finally got myself out of my eating disorder. What I should really say is: I succeeded in balancing my life in such a way that I no longer need to turn to food. I love my life and that is quite amazing.


Finding my Purpose

This experience also gave me a sense of purpose. I want to help and empower people to free themselves from their coping mechanisms by working on the triggers that lead them to need to cope.

The concepts and behaviors that got me out of my eating disorder are the basis of my BELLSAI strategy and programs. I have been running the 12 week weight loss program for more than 5 years and it truly transforms lives. It is not as straight forward as a diet, or counting points but it works and makes absolute sense. I want to help you be more aware of what makes you overeat so that you can change it. Then I share with you the tools that will empower you to do the job without having to fight yourself. When we overeat and want to be slim at the same time, we are fighting with ourselves and that doesn’t feel good. I knew that a real lasting solution would bring peace and balance not more inner fight or pain.

Mission statement:

My mission is to help people lose weight by guiding them to identify what triggers them to overeat so the weight loss can be permanent.
My core values are love, care, respect and integrity of and for the mind and the body.
I help people transform their perspective on food and life so they become genuinely happy and fulfilled.
Ultimately, the body and the mind become just a vehicle to express our higher Self.

I look forward to helping you on your journey towards a trimmer, healthier and happier you.



Isabelle Johansen
Life Coach, specialized in Eating Disorders and Weight Loss
Founder of Bellsai Mindful Weight Loss